About a day. Wien Tipps.


Ich weiß ja nicht wie es euch geht, aber mein Freund und ich sind immer auf der Suche nach günstigen Restaurants, die uns ein „billiges“ Mittagsessen bieten. Vor allem in den Klausurenphasen sind wir gefühlt den ganzen Tag am Lernen und gehen dann meistens zu Mittag außwärts essen. Dabei suchen wir nach Mittagsmenüs oder Buffets unter 10 Euro. Idealerweise gibt es das besagte Essen auch noch bis 15 – 16 Uhr. Weiterlesen


Life Update & Vienna Tips.


While in Budapest…

Long time no see, as usual.. Med school is killing me, but you know that by now. At the moment I´m on my easter break. First I went for a couple 0f days to Budapest (beautiful city!) and right now I´m chilling in Vienna until uni starts again on thursday. I was thinking of doing weekly review posts since I still don´t have anyone taking outfit pictures with me and I really want my blog to be more like a personal diary again.

So today I really wanted to share two of my favorite places in Vienna:

Corns n´Pops: Amazing Smoothies! I would consider myself a smoothie expert since I consume them at a daily basis (mostly homemade ones), and these ones were seriously the best ones I ever tasted in my life. I also really like the food since it´s a little more exotique than what I usually eat.

Veganista: I´m not vegan and I never tried vegan ice cream before: Since a lot of people were praising this shop, I thought I would give it a try and it was totally worth it. My favorite combination: Brownie & Rasperry. For me it doesn’t even taste different than dairy one and I´ll go back more than once this summer.


Mein letzter Post ist schon wieder viel zu lange her.. Wie immer war viel in der Uni los und ich habe immer noch keinen gefunden, der Outfit Bilder mit mir machen kann. Von daher hab ich mir überlegt ab jetzt Weekly Review Posts zu machen bzw. meinen Vorsatz meinen Blog wieder etwas persönlicher zu gestalten in Tat umzusetzen. Momentan hab ich eine Woche Osterferien und ich war erst ein paar Tage in Budapest (die Stadt hat mich übrigens komplett umgehauen) und momentan bin ich noch in Wien bis Donnerstag die Uni wieder anfängt.

Heute also zwei meiner liebsten Läden aus Wien:

Corns n´Pops: Ich würde mich persönlich ja als Smoothie Experte bezeichnen, da ich fast täglich welche konsumiere (meistens selbstgemacht). So habe ich also schon in so manchen Geschäften welche ausprobiert und diese sind mit Abstand meine Favoriten. Auch das Essen dort kann ich nur empfehlen.

Veganista: Ich ernähre mich zwar keineswegs vegan, aber da so viele Leute von diesem Eis geschwärmt haben, wollte ich es auch mal ausprobieren. Überraschenderweise schmeckte ich nichtmal, dass es vegan ist und war total begeistert. Meine liebste Kombination ist übrigens Brownie & Himbeere.





IMG_5095IMG_5099 IMG_5124 IMG_4801 IMG_4804 IMG_4825 IMG_5070 IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5069 IMG_4821 IMG_5204 Since I’ve been to Vienna last week and a couple of times before, I thought I would share a few impressions and places to go. Vienna is a really beautiful city, especially the buildings. I hope you can tell from my poor photography skills ;) So places worth stopping by:

1. Coffe Pirates: a lot of students seem to hang out there. We went on sunday and most of the pastries were already gone, but they just finished new muffins which were still hot. It was one of the best muffins I tasted in my life (probably because it was still hot ;))

2. Pie Factory: is immadiatley next to Coffee Pirates. I’m so sorry the picture is so bad, but I just couldn’t take the time to take a better one.. The cakes are a little bit more expensive (arround 4-5 Euro) but they were mindblowing. We had chocolate and apple crumble. Since it’s not that cheap for a student, I would get them for special occasions or once a month for a treat.

3. Juice Bar: as you can tell, you can get fresh juices from there ;) They’re always freshly made after you place your order. All the healthy people living there probably already know this place.

4. Kussmaul: another amazing place. First the location itself is pretty cool with all the plants&herbs. I can definitely recommend the cheesecake (again one of the best cakes, I’ve ever tasted in my life) and the drink which I sadly don’t remember the name anymore. I also heard that breakfast there (pancakes,..) is supposed to be really good, but we never get up that early on vacation to make it.

5. My Chocolate: love it! My boyfriend got me those truffles now a couple of times and he finally revealed where the secret shop is. You have to know that I’m such a chocolate addict and the caramel ones are my favorite. Apparently the chocolate comes from Brussel and Paris. Very exquisite.

I realized now that I found most of these places incredible, but they really are. I still have so much more spots I want to check out, but time just always flies by so quickly.. But if you have any more tips for me, please let me know :)