University OOTD.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlouse – Pull&Bear. Cardigan – Zara. Jeans – H&M. Shoes – Converse.


Kaum zu glauben, aber in zwei Wochen fängt das Sommersemester auch schon wieder an.. Und irgendwie sind bis jetzt noch keine Semesterferien so schnell vergangen wie diese hier. Wahrscheinlich hängt das auch damit zusammen, dass ich alleine beim Gedanken an das neue Semester schon Bauchschmerzen bekomme. Das liegt aber nicht wirklich am Studium selbst, sondern eher an den Umständen.



Knit Sweater OOTD.


Nevermind the awesome quality of the picture or my apparence in general. I just quickly wanted to show you my outfit. I really like the red/gray combination and you can never go wrong with a knit sweater.

I can’t believe that my semester break is almost over.. I wish they would give us a little bit more time to relax and catch up on some sleep. But I’m kind of excited for this spring semester, since there are so many changes on their way. Let’s just say: I’m vibrating on a really high frequency ;)


Auch wenn es nicht gerade das beste Bild von mir ist, wollte ich doch kurz mein OOTD posten. Ich liebe diese Grau/Rot Kombi und jeder der mich kennt weiß, dass Strickpullis und Leggings zu meinem Signature Look gehören ;)

Anonstens beginnt nächste Woche schon wieder mein Sommersemester und ich würde mir ernsthaft etwas mehr Zeit zum erholen wünschen…

University OOTD.


Sweater – Primark. Jeans – H&M. Scarf – Pieces. Coat – Zara.


Long time no see. Unfortunatley  I was so busy with uni and my biggest issue is actually that I have nobody who can take pictures of me.. I have a few really nice OOTD’s which I wanted to show you, but I have nobody to shoot them with me.

So as you can see today I was just wearing a really basic uni outfit. However I love the sweater since it’s a real eyecatcher.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging. I’m always afraid of talking about personal topics since the internet never forgets and you never know who reads your posts. But I would love to talk more about my uni life here and what’s going on with me lately. My dream always has been to post twice a week: one outfit and one personal/random post. Unfortunatley I don’t think that is ever gonna happen ^^ but you should never stop believing ;)

Casual OOTD.

IMG_5302 IMG_5306

IMG_5303Top – New Yorker. Cardigan&Purse – Urban Outfitters. Jeans – H&M. Shoes – Converse.

I finally found the perfect spot to take outfit pictures! The only problem: I was there on a busy saturday which means that there were millions of people going up&down on the stairs. I only had about 2 minutes to take pictures which was really annoying.. At least now I know where to go when I’m in desperate need of a lovely location and good light.

My outfit is pretty casual and I like wearing it to uni (when I’m really up to wearing jeans instead of my beloved leggings). I got this cardigan last summer from Urban Outfitters and it has become one of my favorite items.. Same as my new black purse. I really love Urban Outfitters, but I think it’s slightly over-priced and I rarely buy there. But sometimes I see pieces there which I can’t resist and I know that I’ll wear them a lot otherwise I would never spent that amount of money.

Spring OOTD.


Cardigan – Zara. Blouse – Primark. Leggings – H&M. Shoes – Zara. Purse&Necklace – Urban Outfitters.

My first OOTD on my new blog. Exciting. Usually I take better pictures, but my boyfriend is still learning to use my camera and we didn’t have that much time.. So this shot seemed to be the best.

I’m this kind of person who seems to wear leggings every single day. What can I say? They’re just too comfy.. especially when I’m studying all day or even worse have uni all day. Sometimes I have one or two hour breaks and I like to take a quick nap. So when I have my leggings on, I don’t even need to change ;) And let’s be honest, who likes to have naps in their jeans? Urgh..

Since spring has arrived, it’s time to get my flower leggings out. I know they’re not the most flattering print in the world, but I still like them. And my cozy cardigan helps to keep me warm when it gets fresh again.

Yesterday I finally got my urban outfitters order. I’m in love with my new purse.. and mainly with all the items I bought. I’ll try to do a haul the next days, but I can’t promise anything. Anatomy is killing me at the moment. It really is true that after the exam is before the exam.. at least at my uni. I have partials and quizzes almost everyday and it gets pretty annoying sometimes. But hat can I say? I love medicine and I know that it’s worth it.