Topshop & Keds Haul.


Heute habe ich mal wieder einen kleinen Haul für euch. Es gibt doch nichts schöneres als endlich für Frühjahrs- und Sommerklamotten zu shoppen :)

Keds Champion – Vor ein paar Jahren hatte ich mal die dunkelblaue Version und habe sie abgöttlich geliebt. Und wer hat sich damals schon nicht von Bella aus Twilight inspieren lassen. Weiterlesen


Urban Outfitters Haul.



As I promised, here is my little urban outfitters haul. I’m absolutley in love with the jewelry. And I’m pretty sure that I’ll be wearing these earrings everyday from now one. I also got a new black purse since I don’t own one in this particular size and it seems like a musthave. At least that’s what I keep telling myself ;)

Then I also got 2 new skirts and they are definitely something different than I usually wear. I know that the whole A line trend was last fall, but I still wanted to try them. Besides these particuar ones were way too expensive back then. Btw I wouldn’t really style them with that t-shirt ;) that’s just all I had with me this WE in vienna and I wanted to show you how they look in person.


Wie versprochen, zeige ich euch heute meinen kleinen Urban Outiftters Haul. Der Schmuck hat es mir besonders angetan, da ich bis jetzt noch gar keine filigranen Armketten besitze. Und bei den Ohrringen kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass ich sie gar nicht mehr ablegen werde. Eine neue schwarze Tasche durfte dann auch noch einziehen. Bis jetzt habe ich gar keine in dieser speziellen Größe oder die man über die Schulter tragen kann. Stell mir sowas ziemlich praktisch vor, wenn man mal kurz in die Stadt oder zum Bummeln geht.

Zuletzt habe ich mir dann noch 2 Röcke in A-Line bestellt. Ich weiß, der Trend ist eigentlich vom letzten Herbst, aber diese beiden waren mir damals schlichtwegs viel zu überteuert. Natürlich würde ich die beiden nicht unbedingt so wie auf dem Bild stylen, aber das T-shirt war alles was ich im WE in Wien dabei hatte und ich wollte die Röcke trotzdem unbedingt angezogen zeigen, da man ein Kleidungsstück so viel besser beurteilen kann.


IMG_5748IMG_5924_1IMG_5939_1IMG_5938_3Brighton is such a beautiful city! I may even like it more than Munich :O First there is the ocean. And then you have all these lovely little shops and everything seems so cozy. On the pictures you can see the few things I bought there and I’m absolutley in love, especially with the rings. I may be wrong but I’ve never found such individual pieces here. By the way the thing with the rabbit is a little mirror ;)

So I’m half way through my clerkship and uni already starts again in 3 weeks.. Where did the summer go?! I’m just not ready.. not ready to go back to Poland, not ready to have a long-distance relationship again, not ready to feel so awfully lonely. I’m jut not ready.

New in.

IMG_5533Oversized Blouse – C&A. Blouse – Pul&Bear.

IMG_5540Dress – Primark.

IMG_5539Croptop – C&A.


Pyjama Bottom – Primark.


Purse – Esprit.

I actually took this pictures one week ago, but there was no time before our London/Brighton trip to post them. So we’re back since yesterday evening and I fell in love with Brighton! but not so much with London.. Will post about out trip in a few days.

So here are a few thing I purchased over the last couple of weeks:

Oversized Blouse C&A: I’ve been searching for a long blouse to wear with leggings for years and finally found one. Can’t wait to wear it with a knitted sweater or a leather jacket.

Blouse Pull&Bear: Yes, I confess. I went back to the mall and bought it.. It just look so stylish&casual at the same time.

Dress Primark: In my opinion this dress looks so expensive and high quality even thought it’s only from Primark!

Coptop C&A: I’ve never really been into this whole croptop trend, but this one got me. The rabbit just looks too cute. I just hope that I’ll find a way to style it with still beeing me.

Pyjama Bottoms Primark: Well they were just necessary since I don’t have any comfy trousers at my boyfriends home and I was staying there for a longer period.

Purse Esprit: This was a totally spontanous purchase. My boyfriend actually suggested going into the shop and I just saw them and really loved the chain strap.

I hope you maybe found some inspirations and wish you a lovely WE. I’m heading back to Luxemburg on sunday and my clerkship already begins on monday.. I’m kind of sad because my holiday seems to be over since uni is starting immadietly after my clerkship but that’s life. I’m still excited to do some pracitical stuff after all this studying.