About a day. Wien Tipps.


Ich weiß ja nicht wie es euch geht, aber mein Freund und ich sind immer auf der Suche nach günstigen Restaurants, die uns ein „billiges“ Mittagsessen bieten. Vor allem in den Klausurenphasen sind wir gefühlt den ganzen Tag am Lernen und gehen dann meistens zu Mittag außwärts essen. Dabei suchen wir nach Mittagsmenüs oder Buffets unter 10 Euro. Idealerweise gibt es das besagte Essen auch noch bis 15 – 16 Uhr. Weiterlesen


Good Times. OOTD.




Dress&Leggings – Forever 21. Watch – Daniel Wellington. Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger.


Since my boyfriend moved to Vienna, Forever21 became one of my favourit shops. Usually most of my clothes are from H&M, but in the last two years Forever21 really got me. I’m always on the search for more items that I can wear with leggings, since they’re my signature look. This dress is just perfect for uni or traveling and the matiere is so soft. I also purchased it in black, so that I can combine it with patterned leggings. And can we please acknowlegd my total ridiculous sitting pose. Who would have thought that it is so hard to take a good looking picture while sitting down. But I kind of like it, cause it looks so awkward and I’m bored of my standard pose. I’m trying to blog every monday from now on, but who knows how that will last ;) But for next monday I already have another outfit ready, which is more spring compatible.


Seit mein Freund nach Wien gezogen ist, gehört Forever 21 zu meinen absoluten Lieblingsshops. Normalerweise ist der Großteil meiner Einkäufe bzw. Garderobe von H&M, aber Forever21 hat im Moment definitiv die Nase vorne . Da ich fast täglich Leggings tragen, bin ich immer auf der Suche nach Kleidungsstücken, die ich damit kombinieren kann. Dieses Kleid hat es mir dabei total angetan. Einerseits find ich die Farbe wunderschön und der Stoff ist so weich. Es eignet sich einfach perfekt für die Uni oder lange Reisen. Ich habe es dann auch gleich noch in Schwarz mitgenommen, damit ich es zu gemusterten Leggings anziehen kann. Wobei ich es mir auch gut zum Ausgehen oder Kinobesuch  vorstellen kann.

Flannel Love OOTD.



Hello everybody. I’m back home for christmas break and so excited to have a life again. These last weeks of uni were really hard on me and I’ve been thinking a lot about my future.. If it’s really worth going through this misery or if I should just quit. I know that these thoughts are normal to a certain extend but I’ve never been so exhausted or constantly in a bad mood. But on a positive side the next round of applications for Germany are getting ready, so there is still hope.. I really have the feeling that 2016 holds a spot in Germany for me and that I’ll find myself again.

Today I wore one of my favourite outfits: a flannel blouse with leggings. As some of you may know, I adore leggings. These with a flannel blouse are just the perfect outfit for me.

I’ve been thinking of adding a song to my OOTDs which reflects my mood. I’m just not sure yet how to do it properly because having the whole youtube video in my post is not the most esthetic solution ;)


University OOTD.


Sweater – Primark. Jeans – H&M. Scarf – Pieces. Coat – Zara.


Long time no see. Unfortunatley  I was so busy with uni and my biggest issue is actually that I have nobody who can take pictures of me.. I have a few really nice OOTD’s which I wanted to show you, but I have nobody to shoot them with me.

So as you can see today I was just wearing a really basic uni outfit. However I love the sweater since it’s a real eyecatcher.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging. I’m always afraid of talking about personal topics since the internet never forgets and you never know who reads your posts. But I would love to talk more about my uni life here and what’s going on with me lately. My dream always has been to post twice a week: one outfit and one personal/random post. Unfortunatley I don’t think that is ever gonna happen ^^ but you should never stop believing ;)

Rainy Spring OOTD.




No idea what is going on with the weather here, but it is freezing. Only one week left until June and I have the feeling that fall is coming already. Apparently it will rain next week as well. Good that they turned off the heating in my building..

So shit is about to get real. Finals are just around the corner and I’m freaking out, like probably everybody else. So no time for chic outfits with matchy accessoires. I’m really glad, I’m almost done with all my labs and mandatory uni stuff, so I finally have time to actually study for finals.. Also my boyfriend is staying with me for two and half weeks (we have a long-distance relationship) and it’s just such a relief to have somebody who is just there. He also has to study for his big exam and even if we don’t spent most of the day together, it makes such a difference for me. I feel so much better having him here.

Other than that, I’m obsessed with Paul Kalkbrenner’s new song Cloud Rider. I found this awesome website which repeats youtube videos endlessly. Yeah I’m probably the last person to find out, but maybe someone of you didn’t know it before. I really like to listen to Kalkbrenner while studying. I used to listen to Azure most of the time but my favourit song from him will always be Sky&Sand.

Spring OOTD.


Cardigan – Zara. Blouse – Primark. Leggings – H&M. Shoes – Zara. Purse&Necklace – Urban Outfitters.

My first OOTD on my new blog. Exciting. Usually I take better pictures, but my boyfriend is still learning to use my camera and we didn’t have that much time.. So this shot seemed to be the best.

I’m this kind of person who seems to wear leggings every single day. What can I say? They’re just too comfy.. especially when I’m studying all day or even worse have uni all day. Sometimes I have one or two hour breaks and I like to take a quick nap. So when I have my leggings on, I don’t even need to change ;) And let’s be honest, who likes to have naps in their jeans? Urgh..

Since spring has arrived, it’s time to get my flower leggings out. I know they’re not the most flattering print in the world, but I still like them. And my cozy cardigan helps to keep me warm when it gets fresh again.

Yesterday I finally got my urban outfitters order. I’m in love with my new purse.. and mainly with all the items I bought. I’ll try to do a haul the next days, but I can’t promise anything. Anatomy is killing me at the moment. It really is true that after the exam is before the exam.. at least at my uni. I have partials and quizzes almost everyday and it gets pretty annoying sometimes. But hat can I say? I love medicine and I know that it’s worth it.

New Backpack.


With everything that I need for uni (labcoat&shoes, snacks, smoothie, books,…), it’s so much easier to carry a backpack than a purse. My back will thank me for that choice. And to be honest I really don’t care how I look at uni. I’m fascinated by all the girls who show up to Anatomy with a full make up at 7 in the morning. I’m just one of those persons who rather sleeps a little while longer and just takes 10 minutes to get ready.

Since my first beloved Dakine backpack is broken after six years of usage, I needed a new one. I saw this one in a store and immadiatley fell in love with it. It has the perfect spring colors and I like the maritime style. I also like that it is pretty small and still looks quite feminine.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the library since I have a really important partial on monday. I’m usually not at all a „library-person“ , but desperate times..