Rainy Spring OOTD.




No idea what is going on with the weather here, but it is freezing. Only one week left until June and I have the feeling that fall is coming already. Apparently it will rain next week as well. Good that they turned off the heating in my building..

So shit is about to get real. Finals are just around the corner and I’m freaking out, like probably everybody else. So no time for chic outfits with matchy accessoires. I’m really glad, I’m almost done with all my labs and mandatory uni stuff, so I finally have time to actually study for finals.. Also my boyfriend is staying with me for two and half weeks (we have a long-distance relationship) and it’s just such a relief to have somebody who is just there. He also has to study for his big exam and even if we don’t spent most of the day together, it makes such a difference for me. I feel so much better having him here.

Other than that, I’m obsessed with Paul Kalkbrenner’s new song Cloud Rider. I found this awesome website which repeats youtube videos endlessly. Yeah I’m probably the last person to find out, but maybe someone of you didn’t know it before. I really like to listen to Kalkbrenner while studying. I used to listen to Azure most of the time but my favourit song from him will always be Sky&Sand.


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