On the first picture you can see my beloved Nikes. I bought them two year ago and I wear them on a daily base. As you can imagine, they begin to look pretty used.. btw I took the picture of them when they were brand new ;) So I was thinking of buying a new pair and I had look at the online shop. I’m trying to decide between the last two. The blue ones would definitely go better with my wardrobe (which basically consists of blue) but the I also really like the pink ones. Decision decision.. Which one would you choose?

Other than that, I’m really stressed about uni.. I still need so many points to pass my semester and I can’t even think of the finals right now. For me everything depends on them, because I have to pass everything the first time, so I have the chance to transfer back home.. O monday I have another anatomy partial, and I really need that to go well. Also I have such sleeping problem (like always when I’m stressed..). But I’ll stop complaining now because physio lecture is waiting for me. I hope you all have a great WE and enjoy the sun!

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