New Backpack.


With everything that I need for uni (labcoat&shoes, snacks, smoothie, books,…), it’s so much easier to carry a backpack than a purse. My back will thank me for that choice. And to be honest I really don’t care how I look at uni. I’m fascinated by all the girls who show up to Anatomy with a full make up at 7 in the morning. I’m just one of those persons who rather sleeps a little while longer and just takes 10 minutes to get ready.

Since my first beloved Dakine backpack is broken after six years of usage, I needed a new one. I saw this one in a store and immadiatley fell in love with it. It has the perfect spring colors and I like the maritime style. I also like that it is pretty small and still looks quite feminine.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the library since I have a really important partial on monday. I’m usually not at all a „library-person“ , but desperate times..


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