Fresh Start.


So that’s it. My whole new online space. I missed blogging so much.. I just need something to distract me from university because I’m going mental. Also I like looking back through my old blog posts and just remembering stuff, who doesn’t?

So my life just seems kind of insane at the moment.. I started studying medicine last fall and I love it so much. It’s just a lot different to my previous studies and I guess everything has it pros and cons. In 2 months my finals will start and everything depends on them. So now just seems the perfect time to start a new blog. haha

What’s this blog about? I love fashion even if I don’t consider myself as very fashionable. OOTDs, Hauls, a little lifestyle and maybe some uni-related posts. I’m just so excited to create something new and make the best out of the rest of my semester.

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